Basic Concepts Quiz 1

Dear students, sharing with you Basic Concepts Quiz 1. This quiz will really help to boost your basic concepts of science

Basic Concepts Quiz 1

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The change of state from liquid to gas is called

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The change of state from solid to liquid is called

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Consider the following statements about BEC state of matter.


  1. BEC state of matter is obtained when a gas having very low density of the order of 10-2-10-3th of the density of normal air is cooled to - 273-16°C
  2. BEC state contains unionized molecules of gas.

III. Cold liquid helium is an example of BEC state of matter.

  1. Super conductors also contain a BEC state of matter.


Which of the above statements is correct?

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Which of the following statement/s is/are not true about plasma state of matter?

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. Which of the following states of matter has only vibrational motion ?

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In solid, liquid and gas, the interparticle spaces increase in the order

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Which of the following states of matter possess fluidity?

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Which of the following substances in gaseous state is called vapour?

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The melting point of four substances A, B, C and Dare: 78°C, 262°C, 100°C and 168°. The increasing order of their interparticle forces of attraction is

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The correct order of decreasing density of the following is

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When a pinch of common salt is dissolved in 50 mL of H2O taken in a graduated cylinder. Which of the following observation is correct?

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Which of the following type of matter has the weakest interparticle forces of attraction?

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Which one of the following sets contain only examples of matter?

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Among the following, matter is ?

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which of the following is NOT a matter

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In which of the following conditions, the distance between the molecules of hydrogen gas would increase ?

(i) Increasing pressure on hydrogen contained in a closed container.

(ii) Some hydrogen gas leaking out of the container.

(iii) Increasing the volume of the container of hydrogen gas.

(iv) Adding more hydrogen gas to the container without increasing the volume of the container.

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Which condition out of the following will increase the evaporation of water?

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The boiling points of diethyl ether, acetone and n- butyl alcohol are 35°C, 56°C and 118°C respectively. Which one of the following correctly represents their boiling points in kelvin scale ?

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Choose the correct statement of the following

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On converting 250C, 380C, and 66 0C to kelvin scale, the correct sequence of temperature will be

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A few substances are arranged in the increasing order of forces of attraction between their particles. Which of the following represents a correct arrangement?

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The property of flow is unique to fluids. Which one of the following statements is correct?

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