Reflection of Light Quiz

Reflection of Light Quiz

Dear students, here I am sharing with you Quiz on chapter Reflection of Light class 9. Check your preparation of this chapter and let me know your score.

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A rear view mirror of a car is...

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….. images can be displayed on a screen.

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In case of a concave mirror, an erect image is....

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No matter how far you stand from a spherical mirror, your image appears erect. The mirror may be......

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The image formed by a concave mirror is

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The image formed in a convex mirror is always....

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If the inner surface of the spherical mirror is reflecting then it is ......mirror, and if the outer surface is reflecting then it is .......mirror.

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In order to see the full image of a person standing in front of a mirror, the minimum height of the mirror must be.....

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2) In a plane mirror, the perpendicular distance of the image from the mirror is equal to ….

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  1. If the reflected rays do not actually meet, such an image is called as …… image.

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